Tim Ho Wan People Philosophy

“Yum cha” which also means drink tea or “dim sum” is the most popular and traditional kind of Cantonese cuisine.

At Tim Ho Wan, being a Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant from Hong Kong, we create a finest dining experience for everyone and ultimately, it is our aim to make each dim sum session to be happy and boisterous get together session for family and friends  to relax and enjoy a wonderful snack time.


By adhering to the original Hong Kong recipes strictly, our dim sum recipes are exactly the same as what is used in the original Hong Kong restaurant, and the ingredients are as fresh as humanely possible for Singapore standards. The chefs at Tim Ho Wan have to work to the bone to hand make dim sum with fresh and highest quality ingredients delivered daily.

We commit that our dim sum are delectably fresh and tasty as they are not pre-steamed and then reheated but made-to-order so as to retain the dim sum’s flavour and texture. Designing and making the food with passion and heart such as the gorgeous big 4 Heavenly Kings dim sum, allows us to be confident in the dim sum we provide.